About Us

My name is Sueann Bowen and I started GawsyMen, because I wanted to create a space where men can shop for unique apparel and accessories that reflect their personal style without breaking their budgets. The first thing people ask when I introduce my business is…what is Gawsy? It means:

Gawsy [gaw-see]

  1. well-dressed and of cheerful appearance

However, it goes way beyond a dictionary’s definition; it is a way of life. In addition to being a small business owner, I am a mother, student and full time employee. Life can be hectic, but that should not stop us accessorizing and adding some sparkle to our lives.

I’ve always believed that our clothing and accessories tell a story about our style, our cultures, and our personalities. Although we can choose to wear what is trending and in style, I believe it is more fun to play around with unique pieces and create our own styles.

My goal is to become a one stop shop for ALL your apparel and accessories; ranging from shirts to socks. I want my customers to be “bougie on budget.” I take pride in hand picking all my inventory from quality dependable vendors, test products before listing them for my customers, and respect constructive feedback.

Whether you are into street fashion, chic or vintage, Gawsy has something for you. Gawsy’s pieces are timeless and curated for all styles such as, work, events (formal and casual), everyday looks, and classic pieces.

With bold and daring pieces, just know “Gawsy is NOT for the weak.”

Feel free to reach out to us by calling 347-549-7985, sending us an email to gawsyllc@gmail.com or by filling out the form below.